Rick’s Special Buttercream Frosting


Use this recipe to get an ideal buttercream for frosting and borders on cakes, cupcakes, or even cookies.

Original recipe makes 7 cups


2 cups shortening
8 cups confectioners’ sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup heavy whipping cream

  • PREP

    30 mins


    30 mins


  1. In a mixing bowl, cream shortening until fluffy. Add sugar, and continue creaming until well blended.
  2. Add salt, vanilla, and 6 ounces whipping cream. Blend on low speed until moistened. Add additional 2 ounces whipping cream if necessary. Beat at high speed until frosting is fluffy.


Calories: 684 kcal
Carbohydrates: 80.3 g
Cholesterol: 27 mg
Fat: 41.6 g
Fiber: 0 g
Protein: 0.4 g
Sodium: 105 mg