Chili Cheese Log

This is a yummy dip for crackers! A friend brings this into work, and it’s always a hit!

Original recipe makes 7 servings


2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
3 tablespoons salsa
1 (1.25 ounce) package chili seasoning mix
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

  • PREP

    5 mins


    2 hrs 5 mins


  1. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, salsa and chili seasoning mix. Mix until well combined, then shape it into a log or ball. Cover the prepared ball or log with chopped pecans, then with the cheese. Refrigerate the log until you are ready to serve it.


Calories: 410 kcal
Carbohydrates: 7 g
Cholesterol: 87 mg
Fat: 39.3 g
Fiber: 2.2 g
Protein: 11.2 g
Sodium: 806 mg