Prosciutto e Melone (Italian Ham and Melon)

This easy and refreshing starter featuring cantaloupe and cured ham (Parma ham for instance) can also be served as an appetizer: just cut the cantaloupe into bite-size pieces, wrap them with ham and spear them on skewers for a colorful snack! Use superior quality Italian ham for best results.

Original recipe makes 8 pieces


1 cantaloupe – seeded and cut into 8 wedges
8 thin slices prosciutto

  • PREP

    10 mins


    10 mins


  1. Remove the flesh from the rind of the cantaloupe; wrap each piece of cantaloupe with a slice of the ham. Serve cold.


Calories: 99 kcal
Carbohydrates: 11.3 g
Cholesterol: 12 mg
Fat: 4.8 g
Fiber: 1.2 g
Protein: 3.9 g
Sodium: 296 mg